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While there are plenty of serious privacy concerns with TikTok, the idea the Trump admin is going to "ban" Americans from downloading social media apps is ridiculous and chilling. reuters.com/article/us-usa-tik

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It's long been an issue that NYPD—which has a record of harassing and assaulting journalists—is the agency that issues press credentials. Now the department is seeking to exert even more absolute control over them. nypost.com/2020/07/15/the-nypd

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Good news, albeit temporary, for those who care about the funding of open-source security tools free of Trump admin interference politico.com/news/2020/07/21/a

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*Cities with the most reported incidents*

Minneapolis/St. Paul (78)
Portland (52)
New York (32)
Washington, D.C. (32)
Los Angeles (23)
Seattle (13)
Denver (11)
Philadelphia (10)
Louisville (9)
Chicago (8)
Detroit (8)
Atlanta (7)
Columbus (7)
Dallas (7)
Oakland (7)
Richmond (7)

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An upcoming Supreme Court case could change the nature of reporting in the digital age. We highlighted amicus briefs with important speech arguments that directly affect journalists.

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You might think: How bad is it for journalists covering Portland that a judge had to step in? Very bad, and we have the data to prove it.

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DHS document labels BlueLeaks publisher Distributed Denial of Secrets as a "criminal hacker group," claims it directed a 'hack-and-leak" operation.

Signs point to a WikiLeaks-like investigation into DDoSecrets, raising serious 1A concerns. Me for @verge@twitter.com theverge.com/2020/8/13/2136544

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Latest reported aggressions against the press as of Monday, Aug. 17

*702+ total press freedom incidents*
with new incidents reported over the weekend in Atlanta, D.C., and Portland.

As these are verified and published, find them here : pressfreedomtracker.us/george-

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Aspiring student journalists often lack any digital security training. Learn how one college paper (@SpartanDaily@twitter.com) took on that challenge by encrypting their newsroom with @signalapp@twitter.com. freedom.press/training/blog/en

FreedomofPress: May 30: VICE reporter arrested while covering Minneapolis protests. “We comply 100 percent. We get down on the ground and as a police officer walks toward us, I hold my credentials up and I say ‘I’m press, we’re press, sir!’” dlvr.it/RdxyYF

FreedomofPress: RT @uspresstracker@twitter.com: Latest reported aggressions against the press as of Monday, Aug. 17 *702+ total press freedom incidents* with new inci… dlvr.it/RdtmY8

FreedomofPress: RT @uspresstracker@twitter.com: “I’ve found that having [a press pass] makes functionally little difference in how cops target journalists, though now… dlvr.it/RdtmWM

FreedomofPress: “Lai’s arrest confirmed what journalists in Hong Kong feared to be true: the national security law is by no means an idle threat.” dlvr.it/RdqZHR

FreedomofPress: The New Jersey Supreme Court ruled last week that prosecutors can require criminal defendants to hand over cellphone passcodes. It’s not good news for whistleblowers and journalists. dlvr.it/RdpzmF

FreedomofPress: RT @RSF_inter@twitter.com: RSF has again been unable to observe an administrative hearing in the case of Julian Assange. We were turned away in person… dlvr.it/Rdfbv8

FreedomofPress: RT @ACLU@twitter.com: Edward Snowden is a patriot. Our democracy is better off because of him. As we said four years ago, the president should pardon… dlvr.it/Rdfbtj

rebecca_vincent: .@RSF_inter@twitter.com has attempted to remotely monitor every administrative hearing in Assange’s case since lockdown started. Not once have we gained sufficient access to adequately follow proceedings. Even when the conference call line is… dlvr.it/Rdfbsc

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