A classic quote this evening: ” I think there for I am”.

I will take the vaccine against covid-19. But it will be a lot of times still to come before that. Some tough months.

You can not delete someones opinions that you do not like. They will only find new plattforms. If you dont like what’s being said you have to say something better.

We need a lot of dicussions around tech giants. There are major issues around them but also around legislation in tech areas like social media.

The state must take responsibility for cases where vaccination goes wrong.

There are legitimate concerns on how we should be able to vaccinate so many on so small amount of time.

Friday today. Still cold weather. I like the way you can shop for example food online. It is even better now in a pandemic.

The liberals here in Sweden are down to 2.3 percent. It requires 4 percent to get in to parliament.

Weather here in Helsingborg will be cold now for a couple of days. ❄️🥶☃️

My opinion is that Sweden needs some sort of lockdown. We must deal with the virus head on. At this level we have no chance tracing the virus.

We have now passed 10 000 deaths in Sweden in Covid. The situation here is very very serious now.

This winter season is a good opportunity to start watching a lot of series and movies. Some really good stuff out there. And here is another winter image. 😁

It is a massive challenge ahead to vaccinate people against Covid-19. But we do not have any other way out of this situation.

Video calls will continue growing I think. They are here to stay even after the pandemic.

I do not think that impeachment will pass the senate. But it will be interesting to see how many republicans who will vote against Trump. 10 did it in the house.

Trump is impeached for the second time in the house. Now the impeachment will move to the senate.

Snow lights up in dark times. Dark in two ways. Winter and Covid-19.

Climate crisis is a serious problem. There is no doubt about that. We need to take care of our nature and planet.

President elect Joe Biden has a serious challenge ahead to unite the US. This will be difficult. But he needs to try and try hard.

I think anger in society must be taken more seriously now by politics. In US this has already gone to far. We can still deal with this here in Sweden but time is running out.

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