Please Take Care of Yourself

As we look at the sad reality in the UK, ethnic minorities are two thirds more likely to die of the coronavirus than their white friends. Although there may be many different factors, the question that must be asked before looking to others, is “what can I do to protect myself?” We may have to subtract in order to multiply, we may have to cut back in

Peace And Unity

George Floyd’s death has exposed the racist disunity in our society. Did you know the Lord has commanded that blessings come upon you when you are at peace with your brothers and sisters in the Lord? This doesn’t mean you say nothing, it means together we show love, when one hurts we all hurt. As believers, we are called to work together in unity in order to fulfill God’s purposes. We

God Refresh My Soul

During this lockdown because of covid-19, we’ve experience the hottest spring on record. On a hot day after exercise there is nothing more refreshing than having some crisp, cold water to drink when you’re dry, thirsty and tired! It refreshes, restores and revitalises. If quenching your thirst feels so good and invigorating, then imagine just how much better it feels t

It’s About Your Heart

With covid-19 I’m told that most people don’t even know they’ve had it, or show signs of infection on the outside. When you become a believer in Christ, He begins to work in and through you automatically. Inside, you are becoming a completely new person.

No one else around you may notice the change, at least

It’s About Your Heart

With covid-19 I’m told that most people don’t even know they’ve had it, or show signs of infection on the outside. When you become a believer in Christ, He begins to work in and through you automatically. Inside, you are becoming a completely new person.

No one else around you may notice the change, at least

The Blessings Of Heaven

Since covid-19 many have forgotten how blessed they are because of loss, separation and sickness. When you become a follower of Christ, not only do you receive eternal life, but you are blessed with spiritual blessings, no matter the circumstances. Scripture tells us that we are blessed with every blessing in heave


You Can’t Have Your Cake And Eat It

On becoming a Christian, I resisted change. I wanted to remain sinful but also be a saint. There are people who want to follow Christ and remain the same. They want to have their cake and eat it as the saying goes. When you become a follower of Christ, your life should be different. Everything about you becomes different.

I Am Not Condemned

During sickness, death, lockdown and isolation of covid-19, many of us start reflecting on our past, wondering what if we got sick and died? We spend time evaluating where we are in life spiritually. Many will be very guilty of the life they have led, wondering have I been forgiven, is God’s grace enough to give me a plac


Serenity is a Grace Gift

"This life is not a canvas of serenity dotted with seasons of trial and tribulation, but a canvas of struggle dotted seasons of serenity." - She Reads Truth

Why d

&Anxiety &EffectsofSin

Love and Kindness During This Pandemic

Covid-19 has brought out love and kindness in communities around the world. One translation of today’s verse (1Cor 13:4) says, “love looks for a way to be constructive.” In other words, love looks for ways to improve someone else’s life. Not just in word but in action. Love brings out the best in other people. Don’t j

Created With Gift And Purpose

Covid-19 or your sin doesn’t take away your gift or purpose. God created and designed you for a specific purpose. God has placed gifts inside of you to equip you to fulfil your purpose. He knew that covid, disease and sin would be here, but He still blessed us with gifts and purpose. Do you know what your gifts are? What are

Where Is Your Faith?

Covid-19 has tested our faith and our belief in God. Many Christians have placed more faith in Boris, Trump, the government and science, than in God and His Words. Faith is more than a feeling that is only strong when we’re in church or with prayer warriors. Faith is a confidence that comes from knowing God and His promises. When you know a person well, and you know they always k

Different From The World’s Peace

As the doctors came in yesterday to share the bad news with the family, all the faces were solemn. After he delivered the bad news gasps, shouts of “no”, swearing and anger filled the room. The spirit prompted me to pray for peace, quoting Matthew 4, I stated “peace be

This Friday Doesn’t Feel Good

To the typical every day Christian, the Cross is a symbol of victory. But this Good Friday just like when Christ died, doesn’t feel good at all. We reflect on Jesus’ death on the cross, and think of the suffering He had to go through. Then we turn our attention to today, with thousands of

God Is Our Healer And Protector

Do you need healing in your life? If there is one thing our world needs now it’s healing – emotionally, physically and spiritually. It doesn’t matter what is sick or broken in your life today, God’s nature is to bring you complete healing. Do you need healing in you body? Your mind? Heart? Finances? Relationships? God is

Covid-19 Has Changed Our Priorities

Because of Covid-19 many of us have new priorities. I now go for a walk in nature daily admiring the flowers, ducks, geese and lakes in my area. Things we have taken for granted and overlooked in the past are now a priority, whether we set these priorities consciously or unconsciously. We have learnt how


Don’t Just Think Your Thanks, Show It!

What a great weekend ministering on Adventist Radio London. On Friday we praised and thanked God. On Saturday we learnt to thank God in advance. Then on Sunday we thanked God for 2 years of broadcasting the Ray of Hope Show. Are you overflowing with thankfulness today? Is your thankfulness spilling out on to

COVID-19 Update: God Innocent, Satan Guilty

A common plot in TV courtroom dramas is for an innocent person to be on trail because they were framed by a clever criminal. Incredibly, this plotline is currently playing itself out in the COVID-19 pandemic! Scared and worried people – and even some Christians - are blaming an innocent person by asking, “If God is love and all-powerful why is he killing

Receive His Love

You’ve probably heard the saying that “you may be the only Jesus someone ever sees.” There may be a desperate person who is in need of something as small as a smile, or a little money, and you might be the best or the only example of Jesus’ love to them! With this in mind, we should look for ways to live with true compassion, and a caring attitude toward others. That’s how you can plant s

Desire And Power

The more things go wrong in this world, and the older I get, the more I want to please God. What about you? Do you desire to please Him? When you accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, God works in you to change your desires from self-seeking to God-seeking.

When you make a wrong choice, or do something that displeases Him, most times, you know it immediately. The

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