Okay. I don't get it. How do I connect with people? Anyone want to help me out here?

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@FLPokerPirate I know! I can't either. I'm sooooo confused right now. lol

@JDfan3340 we need to stick together and help each other! We need to know what community he is in I think.

@FLPokerPirate I hope he made himself searchable. I know I had to.

@JDfan3340 oh where do I do that? In my profile? My head is spinning from all these different things haha

@FLPokerPirate Yeah. I went through all my settings. There is a bunch of stuff I changed. But I'm still super confused. LOL Have to go to an appt now. So I'll try to figure more out when I get back. Also got the app on my phone, and that's confusing me too.

@JDfan3340 follow me on Twitter too so we can keep up. I’m private but I’ll approve it.

@JDfan3340 sorry... it’s FLPokerJunior on Twitter. Let me go follow you now

@JDfan3340 got it! Ok touch base after your appt and we will figure this out lol

@JDfan3340 Same here, learning haha. I suggest to make some filters to reach people’s messages, and also, look more in Fediverse not just in local.

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