John Weaver, co-founder of the anti-Trump , admits to sending “inappropriate” sexually charged messages, but an unnamed Project insider says his personal one-on-one chats will be missed.

Yeah … made up that last part. So sue me.

Just remember … one of the many words that begin with the letter “” is – Quackism.

Have kids in public school?


California elementary teacher made third-graders categorize and rank themselves in terms of their “privilege” based on their race, gender identity and religion as part of an exercise in critical race theory.

New rendition of the Lord's Prayer:

“Our Mask, which art on our face, Hallowed be thy Cloth. Thy Tyranny come. Thy control be done in our homes, As it is in public. Give us this day our daily bacterial stew. And forgive us our Mask removal, As we forgive those who remove their Masks against us. And lead us not into temptation, But deliver us from freedom. For thine is the tyranny, The power, and the control, For ever. Amen."

H/T: @RMConservative

Did you hear about why shut down the Parler site? They were “concerned” about “potential hate speech.”

But here are some “great” products on Amazon you can buy to support any brand of “hate” you might be looking for.

Meet my new Internet soulmate … Stephen Kruiser. Apparently he’s reviewed the top two members of my “list.”

Stephen’s Morning Briefing: “Jake Tapper Is Brian Stelter With Hair.”

Confused about all the “Unrest” in America?

The professional grievance crowd has long been active in pronouncing their obtuse “reckonings” for America … like “Equity” and “Justice.”

How about we unpack a few other reckonings worthy of consideration.

Guaranteed – you will never casually approach the gun counter again after seeing this.

WACKO ALERT! Dude … you’re not helping.

Yes, we’ve got a few of them on the side. “Cowboys For Trump” co-founder is taking his guns to D.C. next week.

Well, at least he’s going to tame them dirty outlaws with a couple of “Cowboy Action” firearms 😂😂😂😂😂😂.

A timely Bible Devotional…

Are current events leaving you a bit hopeless?

Perhaps it’s time to reevaluate where our “Hope” should be placed.

Whatever you think of Twitter, it does have one virtue: it has exposed the carelessness and low intelligence of American “journalists.”

Case in point: Louie Gohmert’s quotes from about “uprisings all over the country.”

You’re not going to believe what actually happened to in merely one week…

They now:
✅ Support police
✅ Abhor mob violence
✅ Believe in law & order
✅ Encourage accountability
✅ Care about civility
✅ Think words matter
✅ Understand importance of walls
✅ Revere history

It’s a miracle 😇

When you understand that is a mental python that squeezes the life out of the brain’s prefrontal cortex which regulates behavior, analytical thinking, and right/wrong decisions, you understand why this kind of dumb stuff happens.

NEED AMMO? Ooooh … too late!

Customers drive 600 miles to Texas gun store to score new shipment of ammo. Owner opens this morning with 50-60 cars in the parking lot.


Ben Shapiro: “Conservatives believe that Leftists want to ostracize them as evil, and then shut them down.”

Politico Staff: “Conservatives ought to be ostracized as evil and then shut down.”

Well … at least he didn’t call him

Scaramucci 😡: Trump Is the ‘Domestic Terrorist of the 21st Century,’ Like Timothy McVeigh.

Could there be a more despicable human?

Public Notice:

Iraqi Militia Commander Offers To Support, Train ‘Liberation Movements’ In US.

No experience necessary.

Respond to: Abu ‘Ali Al-‘Askari, commander Shi’ite militia Hizbullah Brigades.

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