Covid Weekly Roundup: What’s Going On With Vaccine Patents?

Patent Waivers Won’t Impact Big Pharma’s Bottom Line—But Could Slow Covid Vaccine Rollouts

A Huge Chinese Rocket Will Crash To Earth This Weekend Just As China’s New Space Station Becomes Visible In The Night Sky

5 Myths About Choosing A College - Perspectives From A Professor And Parent

In Pictures: A New Kind Of Northern Lights Phenomenon Has Been Found, Photographed And Explained

Why Experts Say It’s Vital That Parents Get Their Kids Vaccinated For Covid

World’s Most Comprehensive Global Earthquake Risk Map Online

Drama, What Drama? SpaceX Lands Starship For The First Time Amid $3 Billion Moon Contract Battle

Eid 2021: ‘Shawwal Moon’ To End Ramadan And Set Up A ‘Blood Moon’ And A ‘Ring Of Fire’ Solar Eclipse

Brazil’s Bolsonaro Floats Conspiracy Theory That Coronavirus May Be ‘Biological Warfare’

Vikings Performed Animal Sacrifice In Lava Cave To Prevent Ragnarök

Blue Origin Begins Auction For Seat On First Space Tourism Flight

The Lightning Loophole Endangering Students Before And After School

American Birth And Fertility Rates Plunge To All Time Lows During Covid Pandemic, CDC Says

Measuring time accurately increases the entropy in the universe

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