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Client: My account is locked
Me: What's the error message?
Client: wrong user ID or password.
Me: πŸ™„. It's not locked, you aren't using the correct user ID or password.

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So I went to a dollar store today, they attempted to refuse me service, yelled at me, called the cops, decided it was better to serve me, let me checkout and I gave them some blessings.

"If I had known about the benefits earlier, I would have applied"(re: cerb/CRB)

Chick, the benefits have been going on for the whole country for nearly a year! It's national news. How did you NOT hear about it?

Ahh, good to see @parler_app towing the 'ol company line. , you are now as useless as the rest of them. Congrats!

Having grown tired of the regular BS on social media, I'm returning to email lists for useful information. Lately it's a lot of business /investment stuff. The Morning Brew is useful for this. link.morningbrew.com/click/602

First, let's start with a study about Vitamin D. youtube.com/watch?v=au6FKi8aAs

Then let's show you how FB blocks these studies.

If you are calling to update your information then have the damn info with you!

Getting real fucking tired of people becoming dumber by the day right now.

Caller: before you transfer me, is there a long wait?
Me: It would be shorter if you stopped asking questions...

Customer : I'm locked out of my account.
Me: ok, what's the error code on that page with that message?
Customer: I'm not near my computer?
Me: Then how can I help get into your account when you are not online?

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