It is a shame, that if someone on my mastodon instance misbehaves, I can be cut off from users in other servers without guilt..

And it happened, as I wrote already:

For me it looks like a structural flaw of the fediverse system.. Users cannot be sure that their social connections will not vanish.

But the concept federation is still appealing, so I'm moving to another instance, hopefully less risky. We'll see how it goes :)

Why is so behind ? I find it much more appealing and fair. Is it just marketing, or I'm missing something bigger?

@humanetech @resynth1943

I wonder about losing followers when moving, because their instance does not support such moves (yet).

Anyone having experiences to share in this regard?

Moving instance, I wrote a blog post back in June when I wanted to learn and document the function for my own use.

Mastodon – Options for Moving an Account ?

Moving the lists of people you Follow is easy, same with Blocked people and instances, etc.

When you get to moving your Followers, there's an option in Mastodon, but it's quite destructive -- as the old account is disabled for any future use, more or less.

This is REversible -- I have used the move function, and after a couple of days reversed it so I can access my own posts - the ones left behind in the old instance.

This is the real tragedy part. As our posts can be exported to a Backup Archive, but by default there's NO viewer for it, or anything you can do with that file.

Certainly it cannot be imported at a new instance.

I asked a programmer friend and he created a nice tool -- FediRenderer will allow you to open that old instance account archive, and view the posts in a sequential way, in a GUI.

Each post shows the contents, formatting and attachments. A live link at the corner to the original toot, if that instance still exists.

My intention -- to use this to find valuable posts I could open and copy, then repost as new at the new location.

See the post about it in this Blog page.

found out: server has officially suspended all communications from with no explanation:

I find it very unfortunate, they were my favorite community. I'll contact admins directly and see what comes.

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Everybody from, (very inspiring people) now are gone from my follows. WTF? How could that happen?

Also, the server @merveilles seems to be unlisted from

Dar vienas dalykas, kurį žadėjau plačiai pareklamuoti - elektriniai vienaračiai. Man buvo panašu į dviračio atradimą iš naujo: patogesnis, greitesnis, kompaktiškesnis judėjimas mieste.

Taip, reikia šiek tiek pasimokyti, bet labai panašiai kaip ir mokantis važiuot dviračiu.

Tikrai pasikeitė gyvenimas pradėjus važinėt. Net laukiu kol pusnys dings. Važiuot ne tik patogu, bet ir smagu, jausmas lyg skristum:

Labai rekomenduoju pabandyt, o jei domina kas - klauskit.

Until the end of the world

Beautiful, melancholic Wenders sci-fi, which so many people have missed:


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