US lawyers sue China for TRILLIONS of dollars as they accuse Beijing of negligence for allowing coronavirus outbreak to erupt before covering it up

Lawyers in the US have launched a landmark legal action to sue China
Leaders accused of negligence for COVID-19 outbreak and then covering it up
A second legal case accuses China of hoarding life-saving medical supplies
Pressure is now on President Xi Jinping to account fully for his country’s actions

Lady Gaga called a 'superstar' despite claims organization was complicit in Chinese coronavirus cover-up

Global Citizen's 'One World: Together at Home' concert aired on Saturday night

Outrage poured out on social media over the wisdom of funding the WHO

Group is accused of covering for China early in outbreak and downplaying risks

WHO has backed China's position on death toll there and possible origins

Definately lost here - I mean how do I see other people, who's on it, where's the latest feed - you know like you see on Facebook?

So is anyone else on here all I can see is Dean?

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