Imagine going from one centralized and closed source social media data farm to another centralized, also closed source, social media data farm, and then feeling like you actually accomplished something.

I swear, every time I check Mastadon I want to talk to people about stuff but instead of just save a bunch of memes a follow a few more bot accounts

Before you go, here's four questions to ponder.

Question number one: Do you like hurting other people?

Question number two: Who are leaving messages on your answering machine?

Question number three: Where are you right now?

And the final question: Why are we having this conversation?

That's all for now. See you soon...

If somebody has to put "straight, not gay" in their profile, it makes you wonder :blobfoxowonotice:

Oh by the way, WT was made by one of the cofounders of Wikipedia.

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Has anyone else tried
I made an account a little over a month ago when I started looking at social media alternatives (I primarily use Facebook).

It seems interesting, but it’s a bit clunky since there’s no mobile app (though the mobile site is still good), and I’ve been finding it difficult to connect with people since the userbase is a bit stagnant right now.
I really want to like it, but it’s hard to use a social media site when you can’t connect with people to socialize with.

Every day that I check Mastadon I feel like I’m looking into an alternate universe

I’ve been messing around in Mastadon for almost a week now and I still don’t know wtf I’m doing

A lot of people I know started trying to move to Parler in the last week or so as an alternative to Facebook.
I’ve had a Parler account for about 6 months or so and barely touched it as the platform itself is pretty uninteresting outside of the “conservative social media” niche it’s standing on.

I just discovered and Mastadon, though, so I’m trying these two out to see how they fare as alternatives.

If you’re into music, theology, anime, or tech, give me a follow.
Let’s talk.


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