Reddit: r/MadeMeSmile - This 11-Year-Old boy from Nigeria received a scholarship from New York’s ABT Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School of Dance after they saw his barefoot ballet performance online

Reddit: r/news - Town votes to rescind license of N.J. gym whose owners repeatedly defied coronavirus restrictions

Reddit: r/AskReddit - What's something that was designed for the use of one sex but is now predominantly used by the other?

Reddit: r/todayilearned - TIL a US law firm set up honeypots on torrent-sharing site The Pirate Bay and then sued people who downloaded their torrents. The matter reached the FBI and the pirate site accepted to collaborate with the feds resulting in the crooked lawyers getting jail time.

Reddit: r/politics - Trump, who told Obama to resign after one Ebola death, calls 160,000 COVID-19 deaths "fantastic job"

Reddit: r/PublicFreakout - Guy refuses to have his temperature checked, tries to beat the Hotel employee, gets his ass kicked.

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