Living in Paducah may have sucked, but since it's my last US residence, I qualify to vote against McConnell and Comer. That almost makes it worth it.

The president that has always been considered the most obese, Taft, weighed between 325 and 350 pounds. This is why Trump's doctors lie about his weight.

Boy and the River by By the Grace of God is probably the best opening song of an album that I've ever heard.

Just got back from Fortress America. Voting was relatively painless.

The GOP may lose their Supreme Court nomination process because the President refused to wear a mask and demanded absolute fealty. Much better plan than Schumer doing his job.

How rich would it be if Pelosi became President because the Trump administration refused to wear masks?

I honestly hope Trump recovers because I don't want to have to listen to 50 years of conspiracy theories about this.

Joe Biden's Inshallah during the debate tickled me greatly. I didn't even consider how odd it would be for a lot of people in the US to hear.

We went with two old white dudes, and that debate was the nation's punishment.

Today is me explaining to our tech support that having internet while teaching online classes is kind of crucial.

When any song from Home by Off With Their Heads come up on my Spotify playlist I'm emotionally obligated to stop what I'm doing and listen to the entire album.

I like Ozark and all, and I can take a lot of leaps to go along with it. What I just can't believe is that a Tennessee Sheriff's deputy is going to let some random out of town lady drink for a day and a half in the Walmart parking lot without taking her in.

Here's another fun fact to follow up the last one about the Supreme Court. Almost every election we've had since 2000 (with the exception of 2012) could have easily ended up in the Supreme Court if the challenger had wanted to push it as far as Bush did.

This is still pretty much where I stand in the familial pecking order.

Nothing makes me bring out the sharp knives like a person who obviously struggled through public high school telling me to, "Study some history."

In my job, so many teachers end up asking me the same questions that I start to doubt the answers that I just read in an email, and then ask the department manager because I've convinced myself that nothing is truly knowable.

Looks like the airlines are showing up for their decennial trip to Washington for corporate bailouts. At what point would it just be cheaper for us to nationalize them?

Anyone, in the age of Facebook, want to revisit the old adage that the only remedy for hate-speech is more speech?

I can't imagine what sort of mental state it would require to be an undecided voter in 2020. I think both parties are aware of this and developed their conventions accordingly.

The Democratic Party in Kentucky is hopefully learning that when given a choice between Republican and Republican-Lite, people choose the real thing every time. We had a better choice and the party put their thumb on the scale. Four more years of McConnell is a harsh lesson.

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