Facebook factchecks a joke post about a motorcycle rally more closely than the posts of my congressional representatives. McConnell, Comer, and Paul can lie about what they do every day for Western Kentucky, but a post, made before the rally, that used the group photo from …

Just read an article about a new P2P web browser. It browses the internet, but also can be used to serve websites. It takes a website you create or visit and seeds it like a bit torrent file. You can use this to serve your own web pages and the traffic is distributed across …

Now that these payroll tax cuts are all but permanent, let's talk about how social security and Medicare is going to survive. Boomers that don't plan on dying in the next few years should be more concerned than they seem.

If Sturgis becomes a superspreader event, there's going to be a lot of junior accountants being promoted in a few weeks.

HBO Max dropped Linux support, which sucks. I was pretty happy with the service. It's such a shame that there's absolutely nowhere else to get that content.

All you have to know about modern Paducah is that you have to drive to Murray to eat at a decent Chinese buffet.

Been Shapiro's claim to fame has always been that he was a young kid that parroted right-wing talking points. Now that he's starting to push 40, he's got to be getting nervous.

I appreciate the total lack of self-awareness it takes to use the phrase "virtue signaling" as a right-wing virtue signal.

If Biden keeps talking like this, I might not feel as resentful for being forced to vote for him. t.co/41okxUGmAx

Whenever people got upset that unemployment paid more than some jobs, why was the solution to cut unemployment instead of pay them more to work?

I think we can call it. Mike Pence is two for two on botched public health responses.

When this is all over, let's just let hugging go.

If there's one thing that makes me feel slightly sorry for Google's CEO, it is Jim Jordan asking him questions so ridiculous that it takes him two solid minutes to wrap his head around what conspiracy theory he's rambling on about.

A Representative asking the CEO of Google why his father's Gmail account is sending his campaign emails to spam is why Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Apple will never be regulated.

These are the guys that are going to make policy decisions to regulate big tech companies, but they don't know the difference between Facebook and Twitter. Maybe that's a problem? t.co/idrIMii6Rt

As long as the Congress-people that are asking big tech CEOs questions have to have their staffers print out their emails for them, nothing's going to get fixed.

My buddy did the research on this. It checks out.

Back in 2016, I had a friend tell me that I was being hyperbolic and that it's not as if the US was the Weimar Republic or something. Yet here we are.

Honestly, if John of Patmos had really known how this would all turn out, he would have saved us all a lot of grief and just used Nero's name instead of getting all poetic.

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