TheRoot: Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley Said Systemic Racism is Fake and America 'Liberated Slaves'. I Translated His White Fragility Speech for You

TheRoot: Sunday's Best Deals: MSI 27" Gaming Monitor, ViviLink Dashcam, Star Wars Night Light, Nutale Findthing Trackers, Keurig Coffee & Latte Maker, Klairs Skincare, and More

TheRoot: Louisiana State Trooper Suspended Without Pay After Video Shows Him Kicking and Dragging Ronald Greene Before He Died in Police Custody

TheRoot: Why Does LeBron James Have to Keep Telling White People He Will Not Shut Up and Dribble? This Time, It's a Fellow Athlete

TheRoot: Mitch McConnell Says He'd 'Absolutely' Support Another Trump Presidency Despite Trump Calling Him a 'Political Hack'

TheRoot: Saturday's Best Deals: One-Way Remote Starter Kit, Icebreaker Pop Ice Maker, 3-Pack Drawer Organizers, Cuisinart 3-in-1 Kitchen System, XPG 16GB DDR4 RAM, Redragon Gaming Keyboard, and More

TheRoot: University of Tennessee, Knoxville Renames 2 Dorms After Black Activists Who Fought to Desegregate Higher Education

TheRoot: Black Lives Matter Says $3 Million Fund for People Struggling From Pandemic Depleted After One Day, Seeks More Donations

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