The shrinks tell me that my inability to forgive my mistakes is serving a purpose for me. But simplicity tells me that I am sitting here drinking beer beyond what I know is good for me because I do not want the night to end, nor the morning duties to begin.

did a long time member of the supreme court state today that they should have done more to straighten out the conflicts before the last election. i hated that they did nothing. there is nothing about them that is supreme

Reparations. This is what the black community expects as they receive their unemployment checks. Get back to Africa, where the insects crawl across the face of the children, where tribal rivalries chop up women in children with machetes in their local raids, where poverty is king. Reparations? Slavery was the best thing that you could have hoped for

the world is coming down on Trump without evidence that would be needed in a court of law. he is victim to unique situations in this election; the supreme court decision to allow mail in votes, the mutiny of Barr and Wray, the blame for a world wide virus when the smartest people in the world could not solve it. The democrats did nothing wrong but take advantage of the situation. he never got credit for his work overseas because people in u.s. don't care. he has nothing left, but his pride.

to Robert Kraft:
A year ago you chose to be the judge in denying Antonio Brown, who would have given Brady and Patriots another Super Bowl . Your reason for doing so was your own legal issue involving sexual misconduct. since then Brady left your team and Brown joined him in Tampa Bay. Today Brown caught eleven passes thrown by Brady and they earned a playoff spot for the first time in a generation. Today the Patriots failed to make the playoffs in the 20 years that Brady played for them.

to dabo swinny: You believe that playing only 6 games in a covid year does not qualify ohio state, but the trouncing you took would seem to extract some comment about your belief. you play in the WEAKEST conference and get the BEST recruits, and then brag about 10 win seasons. why did you say anything at all about ohio state? It is unbecoming a coach to incite his upcoming opponent. It is a stupid man who says it wont affect ohio state incentive.


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